My Personal Review of the Derma Wand

What Is This Thing?

One of these Derma Wands came into my hands the other week, and I wondered what on earth it was. I looked it over carefully, learned who had sent it, and read the instructions. These seemed easy enough to follow for a person who can barely insert a fully functional power cord into a socket, so I decided to try it.


I mean, why not? It was free, and it promised me some interesting things would happen to my skin when I used it correctly. My skin does look much older than it should sometimes, mainly because I don’t pay it as much attention as I should. This device, if it did what it promised, seemed to be just the thing to perk it up considerably.

Not that I am stupid with what I do with my skin normally. It’s just sometimes I really do ignore it, usually when I am stressed at work and at home. There never seems to be enough time for grooming.  But before I actually tried it (I mean, sometimes it is wise to be cautious!), I phoned a few other friends and asked whether they knew about Dermawand, and, if they had tried it, what did they think?

Friends’ Reviews 

Unfortunately, none of them had, although one was going to buy one. It turned out the one who had sent it to me thought it would be a better aid to me than her. I will deal with her later!

That was no help, so I decided to try online for some type of feedback.

Are People Genuinely Excited About This Treatment?

I am in 2 minds as to whether people who were on shows and used this treatment device were genuinely excited at the results or whether it was the sheer exultation of being on the show. Unfortunately, my gut feeling was that they were more excited about that than the item itself. Even Dr Oz seemed to be forcing himself to endorse the product, but that may simply be me. From what I actually saw, no matter what was said, I wasn’t sure whether there was any difference. The various types of skin looked to be in fairly good shape to start with.

Dr Oz is a brilliant seller. He could sell sand in the desert. I like him, because of the enthusiasm that he brings to everything he does, but I am not sure I would follow all his recommendations. Some of them are way beyond my budget, both money wise and time wise. And this fits into that category.

What The Product Says It Will Do


Being women, we are always excited about any new treatment for our skin, especially the face. This Derma Wand does seem to have a lot of claims going for it. Here are some of them:

  • ·If you have enlarged pores, the device oxygenates and reduces the size of them.
  • ·The same with uneven tones.
  • ·It smoothes wrinkles and lines by thermo-charging them.
  • ·Tones saggy skin.
  • ·Is inexpensive.
  • ·For puffy eyes, or those with bags under them.
  • ·Can be done at home, rather than at expensive salons.

I found more, but they were essentially the same, just worded differently.

How It Is Supposed To Work

By bringing to the surface all kinds of goodies in the lower layers of the skin. This happens by tiny electric charges acting like little fingers on the surface. This has been used apparently in big clinics for more than 40 years but was prohibitive in expense for DIY people at home. It also seems to energize the skin by giving it an output of oxygen, which it manufactures.  Much the same as a soft tissue massage, I guess.

What I Thought About The Claims

On the whole, I thought, if it did all these things, then it was okay to use. I was unsure how it could oxygenate the skin, but that was because I once went to a salon, which said it would do the same. The complicated ritual concerned oxygen piped from some connection attached to the wall, which reminded me of hospitals and held close to my face. Not exactly reassuring!

I was rather piqued to find the benefits were described differently, but meant the same thing in its advertising.

I was not at all sure what thermo-charging was going to do to my skin. Fine, it was described as non-invasive, but still. Thermo to me refers to thermostats and they are connected to heat.

I’m afraid over $100 is not my idea of inexpensive. For that you get the wand, an explanation DVD, Instructions and the special Face Treatment. Okay. But what happens when you run out of this special cream? Do you have to buy that same cream again or can you use some other? Perhaps some aesthetician can tell me, not that I know what they do either.

Impartial Site Reviews

Impartial sites I checked, such as in general were not impressed, although the trial was only by 2 staff members. Each said the results were at best minimal, and no real difference was noted. But a sample of only 2 people is not really a sample, unless the staff consisted of 3.

RealSelf seemed unsure. Most of the questions here seemed to be where to buy it and if anyone had had any success with it. Of course, there was a review by the so-called inventor, but it was all over the place and did not really answer any question. The reviews that were positive were thrilled.

Makeupalley is much the same as the others, although the height of satisfaction and those who would recommend it were far greater.

In Conclusion

If the negatives had said exactly why they did not like it, it would have been so much easier to judge honestly. To simply say they saw no difference was not really a negative, because they did not say if they had used the special cream or if they had used it as instructed.

The positives were far more instructive, each saying which area had been improved, and recommending the this device to others.

I really think that I will personally use the wand. The only thing I see wrong so far is you are not told how long to keep using the wand, except you should see results in several weeks. Here’s to that!

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