My Review of Derma Rollers & Other Home Beauty Products

Despite the obvious rewards of motherhood, I have realized that there are some pleasures you have no option but to give up on when you enter this stage of life. This reality is all the more stark when I and many other women around the globe are confronted with the challenge of juggling a career with every day cares of motherhood.

Those long hours of soaking up in the languid pleasures of a beauty spa quickly come to mind when I think of the luxuries I have had to give up. However, with a little initiative and pretty modest investments, I have managed to transform my home into a beauty spa that guarantees I still maintain a figure to behold despite without falling back on my expectations as a supermom and successful career woman.

Perhaps it helps that I am a beautician so I know a trick or two about DIY beauty treatments. However, the tips I have shared here are easy enough to master and any woman with enough time at hand can easily adopt them for their in-house beauty therapy. The products and equipment I use are also affordable and designed for intuitive use. When I speak of affordable, I know exactly what I am talking about. In less than a month’s time, some of the clients I attend to at my place of work spend up to twice the amount they would need to establish a home beauty spa!

These are the basic Equipment and Products I use in my Home DIY Beauty Spa:

  • Dermarollers

  • Anti-wrinkle creams

  • High frequency facial therapy machines


new spaWhen they first came to the scene, dermarollers were pretty expensive, selling at between $150 to $300. After resounding success and improved production techniques, dermarollers have become more affordable such that today you can order a complete dermaroller kit online with as little as $20!

The first time I beheld a dermaroller, I was skeptical about its effectiveness. It looked more like a torture equipment from the dark ages than a piece of equipment designed to give me a smoother, youthful facial skin. But appearances can deceive and after a week of using the device, my facial skin not only looked more youthful but the frown lines and wrinkles had become far less pronounced, even from up close.

A dermaroller comes equipped with dozens of ultra-fine micro needles that pierce the outer skin when the device is moved finely across the skin. That might sound like painful but I can assure you from personal experience that it is anything but. Punching these micro holes in the dermis stimulates the skin to produce more collage and elastin as well as generate newer cells to repair the damage.

It is worth noting that dermarollers, for all their worth, are not instant fixes. However, with regular use, you will notice that such facial defects as acne scars, ageing and sun damage will appear less pronounced. I can assure you on this point as I am living proof. However, if you need more proof you can check for a verifiable testimonial on my comprehensive review of dermarollers here.

Anti-wrinkle Creams for Treating the Eyes

It is something of a shame that the market for anti-wrinkle creams is suffused with dozens of brands, all marketed with hyperbolic claims of fast action and long term effectiveness. As a beautician with many years’ experience in the field, I know better. I have tried a motley collection of anti-wrinkle creams on myself and my clients to know what works and what doesn’t.

The best anti-wrinkle creams for treating the eye area are formulated with ingredients like peptides, stem cells and antioxidants to combat the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots naturally. When I started combating wrinkles under my eyes using ant-wrinkle creams, I took the project as a long term undertaking. With consistent application, I started noticing that my skin was tighter and healthier in about 2 months’ time.

The success of my anti-wrinkle battle depended on selecting the right product first. You can find out more about my recommendation on this guide to choosing wrinkle creams for the eye area.

High frequency facial therapy machines

darsonvalI have to admit that I am something of a late comer when it comes to high frequency facial therapy. That said, this novel technology is proving to be very effective when it comes to treating facial wrinkles, sagging and aging skin. In the long run, these devices deliver results comparable laser therapy at a tiny fraction of the price.

The devices work by sending high frequency electricity pulses to the skin as treatment for acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles as well as cellulite. Since I started using these machines on a number of my clients, my spa has become a hit and I therefore bought a home kit for my own use. In a word, the results were magical. The sagging skin under my jaw line is now tauter than ever thanks to the derma wand I bought six months ago. You can read more about the experience of myself and other users via this review of the derma wand product.

Is a Home Beauty Spa Worth the Trouble?

Absolutely! As a beautician, advising someone to establish their own spa at home may sound self defeatist. But the greatest reward of my job is hearing and reading testimonials of people who have followed my tips to turn back the effects of aging, sun damage and other enemies of youthful skin. I am expecting to hear from you soon too!

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